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Cuba Education and Surgical Support Visit

We made an Educational and Surgical Support Visit, which we conducted jointly with the Cuban Embassy in Istanbul and the Cuban Ministry of Health. Pediatric deformity training was given to Cuban doctors and 5 children were treated by TST. We were happy to touch the lives of 5 children with this visit we realized as a social responsibility project.

Slide Tanzania Surgical Aid The treatment of children in need in Tanzania was carried out with the participation of TST Medical Devices and Turkish doctors. In the organization where pediatric surgeries, especially Pediatric Deformity, were performed, local doctors were also trained. Turkish doctors were appreciated for their success in surgeries supported by TST's equipment and surgical team. As TST Medical Devices, which has never spared its support to geographies where opportunities are limited, we are experiencing the joy of successful surgeries.

Occupational Health and Safety Child Activity

As TST, occupational health and safety has always been our top priority. Every moment that our colleagues live and work health is precious to us. Together, we remembered the importance of occupational health and safety with a fun event in our company. In the organization, where educational information is shared and parents’ work areas and duties are introduced to their children; Our children warned their parents by modeling occupational safety warning signs. Prepared warning signs decorated the walls of TST. Our children had a funny and educational day with their parents. Behind this beautiful day, our children’s warnings to their parents remained on our walls.