Circular Fixator

The Circular Fixator is an external fixation system in which bone is fixed with K-wire, Schanz pins, and Rings.

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  • It provides anatomic fracture reduction even in delayed treatment.
  • Minimizes the risk of trauma to the soft tissue.
  • It has optimum biomechanical stability.
  • The circular fixator provides the reconstruction of larges bone defects and the acute or gradual correction of deformities.
  • Protects the blood circulation of the bone and provides early joint movement.
  • It provides the advantage of minimal bleeding during the surgical procedure.



  • Lengthening, limb lengthening,
  • Closed and open fractures,
  • Bone loss (trauma tumor, infection),
  • It is used in cases of HIP dysplasia and deformity corrections.



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