DAF Humerus (Dynamic Multiaxial Fixator)

DAF Humerus Fixator is a single-plan external fixation system used in the treatment of humerus, radius, and ulna fractures.


135° Clamp


  • It is used in acute trauma cases. It allows joint mobilization when necessary.
  • The system allows correction of postoperative reduction.
  • Enables 30° movement in all planes.
  • A full rotation of the DC unit allows 1 mm of the move.
  • The T-Clamp provides the opportunity to position Schanz screws in a single plane configuration in the epiphysis and metaphysis region.
  • T-Clamp has a design where 5 screws can be applied horizontally to the metaphyseal region of the bone.
  • Allows Schanz screws to be placed in the humeral head when the fixator body is positioned parallel to the humeral diaphysis.
  • It is used with 3 mm and 4 mm Schanz screws.



It is used in the treatment of joint stiffness, in the treatment of articular and periarticular fractures of the distal radius, and in deformity corrections.



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