Distal Femur Medial Osteotomy Plate

Distal Femur Medial Osteotomy Plate is in the design of a locked compression plate. It provides fixed angle stable fixation and fixation of closed wedge osteotomies.


  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • It is made of Ti6AL4V ELI raw material.
  • The orientation of the four locking screw holes in the distal part is designed to conform to the supracondylar anatomy of the femur.



  • Valgus malalignment in the distal femur,
  • Single-compartment lateral gonarthrosis with idiopathic or post-traumatic valgus deformity of the distal femur,
  • It is used in cases of closed wedge osteotomies.



Plate thickness: 4,5 mm

Plate width: 15 mm

Length options: 115 mm


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