Distal Radius L Plates (Dorsal)

Distal Radius L Plate is a plate system that provides strong stabilization in the surgical treatment of complicated distal radius fractures, protects the lister tubercle, and reduces tendon and surrounding soft tissue irritation.

90° ve 20° plate options

perfectly fit design for dorsal surface


  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • It is made of Ti6AL4V ELI raw material.
  • Thanks to the dorsal fixation of the distal radius fractures with the double plate technique, an angle of approximately 70°-90° are formed between the two plates, providing increased stabilization.
  • While the plate placed in the dorsoradial region supports the radial column, the plate placed in the dorsoulnar region supports the middle column.



  • In the surgical treatment and osteotomies of distal radius nonunion and fractures,
  • It is used in displaced extra-articular and intra-articular distal radius fractures.



Plate thickness: 2 mm

Plate width: 8,5 mm

Length options: 50 mm | 55 mm | 63 mm


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