Distal Radius Plate (Volar)

Distal Radius Volar Plate is used in the surgical cure of distal radius nonunions, osteotomies, and fractures. Because its design is fully compatible with the radius anatomy, it provides stability between the plate and the bone to be applied.

thickness: 2.5 mm, width: 26.0 mm distance between holes: 10.5 mm

perfectly fit design for distal radius anatomy


  • It provides the fixing of radial and intermediate colons with multiple locking screw options located in the distal part of the plate.
  • Because of its low plate and screw profile, pare down the potential for tendon and soft tissue irritation.
  • Distal locking holes are suitable for use with 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm diameter screws. The locking holes on the shaft are suitable for use with cortical screws with a diameter of 3.5 mm.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.



For distal radius;

  • Dorsal oriented displaced fractures,
  • Intra-articular or extra-articular fractures with possible metaphyseal defect,
  • Open joint reconstructions,
  • Displaced fractures,
  • Nonunion and malunion,
  • Fractures and corrective osteotomies of the carpal and metacarpal region with distal radius.



Plate thickness: 2,7 mm

Plate width: 26 mm

Length options: 53 mm | 74 mm | 97 mm


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