Distal Radius Y Plates (Dorsal)

The Distal Radius Y Plate is designed in accordance with the anatomy of the radial and ulnar regions. It is used for small bone fragments located distally or for stabilization and fixation of certain parts.

perfectly fit design for distal radius anatomy

compression advantage on joint


  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • Thanks to the plate design, it supports the radial colon and helps to correct the radial slope in intra-articular wrist fractures.
  • It provides compression in the ulnar articular.
  • The plate provides fragment-specific fixation between fracture fragments with the help of Kirschner wire fixation.
  • It can detect dorsal sigmoid notch fragments, as well as to detect dorsal ulnar fragments that are too small to detect with standard plates.
  • Ti6AL4V ELI is the raw material of the plate.



For distal radius;

  • Dorsal oriented displaced fractures,
  • Intra-articular or extra-articular fractures with possible metaphyseal defect,
  • Open articular reconstructions,
  • It is used for fractures and corrective osteotomies of the carpal and metacarpal region associated with the distal radius.



Plate thickness: 1,5 mm

Plate width: 9 mm

Length options: 64 mm | 72 mm


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