Distal Ulna Plate

The Distal Ulna Plate is a plate system that provides stabilization in unstable fractures of the distal ulna and is fully compatible with the anatomy of the region.

thickness: 1.5 mm, width: 6.0 mm

hook design


  • Thanks to its low profile structure, it helps to reduce soft tissue irritation.
  • Provides better stabilization thanks to the combi hole design.
  • The hooks in the distal part assist in the reduction of the ulnar styloid.
  • The same plate is used for right and left applications.



  • Fractures of the distal ulna causing instability of the distal radioulnar articular and fractures of the ulna head where the articular surface is displaced, rotated, or sloped,
  • It is used in comminuted extra-articular fractures that threaten the stable alignment of the distal radioulnar articular of the ulnar neck.



Plate thickness: 1,5 mm

Plate width: 6 mm

Length options: 36 mm | 46 mm | 51 mm


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