Femur Intramedullary Nail (DSBLS)

The Femur DSBLS Nail, which allows fixation in all femoral problems except the femoral head, is an intramedullary nail system with alternative locking options, especially in the distal.

multi-plan proximal locking capability

multiplan distal locking with DSBLS

2 different application techniques, antegrade and retrograde

compression up to 30 mm


  • It is adapted for reamed and unreamed applications.
  • Because of its distal end is compatible with the distal supporting locking screw (DSBLS) and its dorsal wedge-shaped design, it reduces anterior cortex stress and prevents intra-articular migration.
  • The sagittal curvature of the shaft is compatible with the anatomy of the femur.
  • There are four locking holes for multiplanar locking proximally.
  • It offers a single nail design that can be applied with antegrade and retrograde techniques for both right and left femurs.
  • For all sizes except Ø 8 mm and Ø 9 mm; There are 3 locking holes distally, two mediolaterally oriented, and one anteroposterior oriented.



  • In the detection of all problems in the femur, except the head,
  • In all open, closed, simple, comminuted, segmented fractures,
  • Femoral neck fractures,
  • In trochanteric-subtrochanteric femur fractures,
  • Diaphyseal fractures,
  • In supracondylar fractures,
  • Condylar and intercondylar fractures,
  • In multiple region fractures,
  • In cases of malunion or nonunion,
  • In shortening osteotomies,
  • Indicated for use in tumor resections.



Proximal diameter: 12 mm | 13 mm

Proximal part length: 8 cm

Body diameter options for Ø12 mm proximal: 8 mm | 9 mm

Body diameter options for Ø13 mm proximal: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm | 13 mm

Length options: 320 mm | 340 mm | 360 mm | 380 mm | 400 mm | 420 mm | 440 mm | 460 mm

Surgical Technique