InSafeLOCK Femur Nail

InSafeLOCK Femur Nail is an innovative intramedullary nail system developed for ease of application. While it enables locking with the help of an internally safe locking pin (Endopin) in the distal, it provides multiple proximal locking and compression in different planes proximally.

the interlocking system through to anterior direction

3 multiaxial locking holes on proximal

1.5-2.0 m shaft radius fits proximal anatomy

  • Properties
    • It has a trochanteric entry point.
    • Anatomical for right and left application.
    • It is a cannulated nail.
    • There is a 5° mediolateral angle proximal.
    • It provides an aesthetic advantage since there is no distal skin incision.
    • There is no need for fluoroscopy for distal and proximal locking.
    • It offers two different distal locking techniques according to fracture types.
    • Because of the distal lock with protruding design from interior to posterior;
      • Provides functional advantage by not causing damage to muscle, tendon, fascia,
      • Does not cause nerve injury,
      • Screw loosening, migration, and irritation do not occur in the distal lock,
      • Because of the shortening of the application time and the ease of application, it saves time during the operation.



    • In isolated or ipsilateral, spiral, oblique, single-lined transverse fractures,
    • In proximal and shaft femur fractures,
    • In colon femur fractures,
    • Indicated for use in trochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures.



    Proximal Diameter | Proximal part length: 13 mm | 8 cm

    Body diameter options: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm | 13 mm

    Length options: 340 mm | 360 mm | 380 mm | 400 mm | 420 mm | 440 mm | 460 mm