InSafeLOCK Humerus Nail

InSafeLOCK Humerus Nail is an innovative intramedullary nail system developed for ease of application. While it enables locking with the help of an internally safe locking pin (Endopin) in the distal, it provides multiple proximal locking and compression in different planes with the static transverse, static angled, dynamic compression locking holes, and screw application options through the calcar angled hole in the proximal.

5° anterior angled distal design for rotational stability

6 mm compression over the dynamic hole in the proximal part

4 mm diameter Ti6Al7Nb endopin that attaches to the posterior cortex


  • It is made of biocompatible and flexible (Ti6Al7Nb) titanium.
  • InSafeLOCK Humerus Nail is cannulated and round in diameter.
  • The same nail is used in the right and left applications.
  • There is no need for fluoroscopy for distal and proximal locking.
  • It is adapted for reamed and unreamed applications.
  • It has a 3 cm long, 5° anterior angled distal part design to easily advance the nail to the distal edge and increase the rotational stability efficiency.
  • The nail can be placed to its most distal edge (proximal edge of the olecranon fossa).
  • It provides an aesthetic advantage for there is no distal skin incision.
  • Because of the distal lock with protruding design from interior to posterior;
  • Provides functional advantage by not causing damage to muscle, tendon, fascia,
  • Does not cause nerve injury in radial, median and musculocutaneous,
  • Screw loosening, migration, and irritation do not occur in the distal lock,
  • Because of the shortening of the application time and the ease of application, it makes saves the operation time.



  • 2, 3, 4-part proximal humerus fractures,
  • Metaphyseal, metaphyseal diaphyseal, and diaphyseal all fractures,
  • Tumor resections,
  • Shortening osteotomies,
  • Deformity correction surgeries.



Proximal Diameter | Proximal part length: 9 mm | 8 cm

Body diameter options: 7 mm | 8 mm | 9 mm

Length options: 180 mm | 200 mm | 220 mm | 240 mm | 260 mm | 280 mm | 300 mm

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