Intercarpal Fusion Plate

The Mini Intercarpal Fusion Plate is an implant developed for partial midcarpal arthrodesis of the wrist. It minimizes soft tissue irritation thanks to its circular and round design, which is suitable for the anatomy of the region.


  • It allows fixing up to eight screws with the help of the holes on the plate.
  • The Reaming Guide helps to compress the carpal bones at the fusion site.
  • The plate has an angle fixation feature with screws up to 30°.
  • It meets the compression need with the rotational compression hole in the center.
  • The same plate is used for right and left applications.
  • It is used with 2,4 mm screws.
  • K-wire holes to assist in temporary fixation and reduction.



It is used in cases of post-traumatic mediocarpal arthritis following scaphoid nonunion (SNAC) or scapholunate ligament rupture (SLAC) and mediocarpal instability (end-stage).



Plate diameter options: 15 mm | 16 mm | 17 mm


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