Limb Lengthining Fixator (Femur & Tibia)

The Limb Lengthener Fixator is an external fixation system with a design that includes clamps integrated into the telescopic structure.


  • It offers 3 different size options as short, standard, and long.
  • The DC unit is used for extension.
  • It is used with Schanz screws with a diameter of 5 mm and 6 mm.
  • One full turn of the T-clamp provides 2mm of movement.
  • The lengthening fixator in the short size option provides 20 mm extra extension, the standard size option provides 65 mm extra extension, and the long size option provides 105 mm extra extension.



  • Fractures, nonunions, malunions,
  • Osteotomies, pseudoarthrosis,
  • Temporary fixation of the femur and tibia,
  • Arthrodesis of hip knee ankle joints,
  • It is used for the fixation of open femur/tibia fractures and for lengthening the femur and tibia bones for distraction and compression to the fracture site.



Fixator length options: 175 mm | 215 mm | 255 mm

Fixator extension options: 20 mm | 65 mm | 105 mm

For detailed information, please review the catalog.


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