Mini Fixators

Mini Fixator is an external fixation system with titanium raw material, consisting of two bars and clamps that move with the help of DC discs on these bars.

Mini Fixator

  • The Mini Fixator consists of two bars fixed with a mobile body and clamps that move with DC discs on these bars.
  • Thanks to its design that can be applied even in narrow spaces, it allows the Schanz screws to be sent parallel to the joint surface.
  • It is used with 2 mm diameter Schanz screws.


Mini Fixator length options: 65 mm | 75 mm | 90 mm

Mini Fixator Lengthening Bar

  • The mini fixator lengthening bar is used for bone extension and transport.
  • It has three different length options as 80 mm, 100 mm, and 120 mm.
  • Usually used with two Schanz screws, but a third Schanz screw can be used to increase stability, especially in osteoporotic and metatarsal bones.
  • Lengthening bars are used with standard and/or L-clamp and spacer.
  • The washer designed following the clamp edge is angular on one side and flat on the other.
  • The DC nut is placed in contact with the standard clamp and applied so that it touches the flat side of the washer. This ensures full surface contact between the DC nut and the standard clamp during distraction.
  • If a T-clamp is used during the distraction, a washer is not needed.
  • One full turn of the DC nut provides 1 mm of movement.
  • It is used with 2 mm Schanz screws.


Mini Fixator Extension Bar length options: 80 mm | 100 mm | 120 mm

For detailed information, please review the catalog.

Finger Joint Fixator

  • The finger joint fixator clamp provides compression and distraction.
  • It can be angled 200°.
  • The distraction-compression screw provides 0.5 mm of movement when a full turn is completed.
  • There is a scale on the fixator that provides distraction and compression control.
  • It is used with 2 mm Schanz screws.


Mini Fixator Extension Bar length options: 80 mm | 100 mm | 120 mm

Finger Fixator

  • Consisting of two or three clamps that mobilize integrated with threaded bar.
  • Compression and distraction movement is obtained after the clamps are fixed by rotating the fixator bar with the help of the key holders.
  • 5 mm of movement is achieved between the clamps when the fixator bar is fully rotated.



Finger Fixator length options: 50 mm | 60 mm | 70 mm


  • Metacarpal fractures,
  • Phalanx fractures,
  • Metatarsal fractures,
  • Aseptic/infectious nonunions,
  • Metacarpal, metatarsal, and phalangeal osteotomy applications,
  • Phalangeal, metacarpal, and metatarsal extensions,
  • Replantation surgeries,
  • It is used in soft tissue corrections.


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