MISS Distal Femur Plates

MISS Distal Femur Plate is a minimally invasive internal fixation method developed to eliminate the general disadvantages of conventional plate-screw applications. Thanks to its innovative design, it is much more successful than traditional plates in maintaining bone blood circulation.

minimal invasive surgery with external guide

perfectly fit design for distal femur anatomy


  • Facilitates minimally invasive application with the help of targeting guide made of fiber carbon raw material.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • It can be applied easily and quickly thanks to the screws holding the single or double cortex in the self-tapping structure.
  • Provides fixed-angle plate and screw application for easy application in complex fractures.
  • Locking screws provide fixed angle support for metaphyseal fractures and osteoporotic bone.
  • It provides the advantage of being used in high-energy injuries, in cases where bone density is lost, and in fractures around the prosthesis.



Distal femur fractures;

  • Distal shaft fractures,
  • Supracondylar fractures,
  • It is used in intra-articular fractures.



Plate thickness: 6 mm

Plate width: 16 mm

Length options: 152 mm | 193 mm | 234 mm | 275 mm


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