MISS Proximal Femur Plates

The MISS Proximal Femur Plate is pre-shaped for the proximal femur and fully conforms to the proximal femur anatomy. Especially designed for left and right femur to accommodate average femoral neck anteversion.

easy and fast screw fixing with block aiming guide

perfectly fit design for proximal femur anatomy


  • Anatomically shaped to be positioned lateral to the proximal femur.
  • The plate can be used with a block targeting guide to facilitate angled screw delivery in the proximal part.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • Plate lengths allow the spreading of the entire diaphysis in segmental fracture models.
  • The use of locking screws provides an angular stable structure regardless of bone quality.
  • Plates can be stretched to provide load sharing.



For proximal femur;

  • Simple intertrochanteric fractures and reverse intertrochanteric fractures,
  • Transversal trochanteric fractures,
  • Complicated multi-fragment fractures and fractures with medial cortex instability,
  • Fracture detection of cases with both proximal femur and diaphyseal (shaft) fractures of the same extremity,
  • Proximal femur osteotomies,
  • Osteopenic bone fractures,
  • Nonunions and malunions,
  • Surgical treatment of femur transcervical neck fractures and neck basis fractures, subcapital femoral neck fractures and subtrochanteric fractures,
  • It is used in the surgical treatment of traumatic proximal femur fractures.



Plate thickness: 6,5 mm

Plate width: 18 mm

Length options: 155 mm | 198 mm | 241 mm | 285 mm


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