MISS Proximal Tibia Lateral Plates

MISS Proximal Tibia Lateral Plate, thanks to its design being fully compatible with the proximal tibia lateral anatomy, minimizes soft tissue irritation and there is no need for intraoperative plate bending.

minimally invasive surgery with external guide

convergence proximal locking screw design


  • Anatomically shaped to position lateral to the proximal tibia.
  • Provides convenience in minimally invasive application with the help of a Guide made of fiber carbon raw material.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • Combi holes provide axial compression and locking capability along the length of the plate shaft.



For lateral tibial plateau;

  • In the surgical treatment of split type fractures and collapse-related lateral split fractures,
  • Treatment of osteopenic bone, tibial osteotomies, nonunion, malunion, and proximal tibia fractures,
  • In simple comminuted fractures,
  • Lateral wedge fractures,
  • Bicondylar combination of a lateral wedge and depression fractures,
  • Periprosthetic fractures,
  • It is used in the treatment of proximal fractures with associated shaft fractures.



Plate thickness: 4 mm

Plate width: 16 mm

Length options: 103 mm | 133 mm | 174 mm | 215 mm


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