Pelvic Emergency Stabilization Clamp

The Emergency Pelvis Stabilization Clamp is an external fixation system developed for pelvic fractures and unstable injuries.


  • It consists of two side arms and a rail mechanism that connects the side arms in a linear motion.
  • Side handles are in stepped and freely lockable mechanism design.
  • Direct transverse compression of the iliosacral joint is provided by the nail slots located in the distal part of the lateral arms.
  • It offers two different nail options, cannulated and non-cannulated, and cannulated nails can be used with k-wire guidance of 2.5 mm diameter.



  • Sacral fracture or separation of the sacroiliac joint,
  • In cases of blood loss from the fracture surface and accompanied by presacral plexus vessels,
  • It is used in the emergency approach in cases of bleeding in the pelvic region, in the control of shock reaction, in case of rapid reduction and stabilization.



For detailed information, please review the catalog.

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