Pelvic Fixator - T Clamp

Pelvis Fixator provides fast and easy use with T-Clamp in pelvic fractures and anterior fixation applications.


  • Allows joint mobilization when necessary.
  • The system allows for postoperative reduction correction.
  • It has a unit that provides compression and distraction with axial loading.
  • Provides stability and early mobilization option.
  • The versatility of the fixator allows for simple angular adjustments.
  • Double Clamp connects two different external fixators (application of Schanz to femur and pelvis bones) as in fixation of acetabular fractures.
  • It is used with 5 mm and 6 mm Schanz screws.



It is used in the treatment of long bones, joints, periarticular fractures, and pelvis fractures.



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