The Staple is a fastening system with different design advantages.


  • It offers three different design options as U Blade Staple, U Epiphyseal Staple, and Conventry Staple.
  • The U Blade Staple minimizes the risk of the implant coming out of the bone and re-fixes the tubular soft tissue to the bone.
  • The U Staple is used in pediatrics for epiphyseal growth arrest. Because of its reinforced corner structure, it minimizes unwanted staple bending and allows correct staple placement.
  • The Conventry Staple provides bone fixation after high tibial osteotomies. It offers options in 5mm, 10mm, and 15mm offset pitch.



  • For part fixation in ankle and foot surgery, especially when screw fixation between parts is not easy,
  • In cases where the soft tissues are fixed to the bone,
  • Bone reconstruction,
  • It is used in cases of fixation of bone fractures.



For detailed information, please review the catalog.