Ulna Intramedullary Nail

The Multi-Function Locking Ulna Nail provides maximum stability along with easy instrumentation that saves surgery time. It is the first ulna intramedullary nail system developed to take advantage of the intramedullary fixation method.

oblique, oval, and round proximal locking possibilities

8 transverse blank designs for distal locking

compression up to 7 mm


  • It is solid and round in diameter.
  • Ulna Nail is used with the unreamed application technique.
  • It has different proximal locking hole options as oblique, oval, and round.
  • The same nail is used in the right and left applications.
  • There is an olecranon washer with an antirotator needle for fixation and compression in olecranon fractures.
  • Nail has 8 transverse grooves for distal locking.
  • There is no need for fluoroscopy for distal and proximal locking.



  • In all ulna fractures from 1 cm distal of top of the olecranon to 2,5 cm proximal to the ulnar styloid,
  • In conditions of malunion and nonunion (pseudoarthrosis),
  • In conditions of Monteggia fracture-dislocation,
  • Shortening osteotomies,
  • In tumor resections.



Proximal Diameter: 6 mm

Body diameter options: 4 mm | 4,5 mm | 5 mm | 6 mm

Length options: 200 mm | 220 mm | 240 mm | 260 mm | 280 mm | 300 mm

Surgical Technique