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TST Academy Medical Education Curricula

The TST Academy offers comprehensive Medical Education Curricula consisting of a variety of learning opportunities to meet Healthcare Professionals’ interests and expand their degree of expertise.

The TST Academy focuses on:

Within each field, there are competency-based curricula delivered through online and in-person educational events.

Curriculum At-A-Glance

Online and In-person Courses



These are the initial step of the learning curricula.

Addressees: attendees who are starting to approach the field’s principles and techniques.



These build upon the CORE principles and techniques and teach more complex clinical issues and procedures.

Addressees: attendees who have attended the CORE program or are already familiar with the field’s basic concepts.



These are in-depth discussions into the controversies and main problems in Trauma and Orthopaedics.  Through problem-based learning, delegates are shown how decision-making algorithms are generated by experts so as to be able to handle the selected problems in their own environments.

Addressees:  attendees who wish to consolidate their knowledge and expand their skills in decision-making to improve patient’s outcomes


These can be specific product-based skill and knowledge sharing sessions that serve to define and expand best practices and refine treatment procedures.

Clinical Attachments

Clinical attachments to recognized centers of excellence provide learning in hospital environments. Attendees can learn from pre- and post-operative management of patients in clinics and observe surgery. These opportunities suit attendees who wish to observe the highest levels of patient care and best practice first-hand through being in centers acknowledged for their excellence in the field. These are again divided into 3 different degrees of competency:

  1. Core

  2. Advanced

  3. Expert

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