6.5 mm Cannulated Screws

6.5 mm Cannulated Screws is a product developed for fracture fixation, fusion, and osteotomy applications of large and small bones. The screws are cancellous threaded. The set includes 16 mm threaded, 32 mm threaded, and fully threaded screws as well as washers.


  • 32 mm threaded screws provide compression thanks to the threads in the distal.
  • All threaded screws are used for fracture fixation.
  • The entire body of cannulated locking screws is threaded and used for fixed-angle fixation.
  • It is used with 1.25 mm diameter K-wires.



It is used for arthrodesis and osteotomies of small bones and small articulars, including scaphoid and other carpal bones, metacarpals, tarsals, metatarsals, patella, ulnar styloid, capitellum, radial head, and radial styloid.



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