VAL Distal Fibula Plates

The Distal Fibula VAL Plates have a design compatible with the anatomy of the fibula bone. The plate has 5 length options for Right and Left. There are 7 holes for fixing 2.7mm Variable angle screws on the distal part. A slot hole enables to fix a syndesmosis screw through the plate.

15° variable angled lock (VAL) system

tubular design


  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • It is designed following the lateral surgical approach.
  • Multi-angle 2,7 mm diameter locking screws located in the distal part allow up to 15° off-axis angle in each direction.
  • Provides syndesmotic fixation with the syndesmosis screw sent through the slot hole.
  • Optimizes the syndesmotic blank by improving stress control.


It is used in the treatment of fractures, osteotomies, and nonunions in the metaphyseal and diaphysis region of the distal fibula.


Plate thickness: 2,2 mm

Plate width: 11 mm

Length options: 75 mm | 99 mm | 111 mm | 123 mm | 147 mm


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