EasyLOCK Tibia Nail

EasyLOCK Tibia Nail offers an easy-to-apply alternative with its anatomical design and innovative distal targeting system. With its specially designed distal AP targeting rod, it minimizes the uses of fluoroscopy in the distal locking procedure.

proximal part with 12° angle and multi-plan locking option

EasyLOCK system facilitating distal locking

compression up to 4 mm


  • It has a 12° proximal angle.
  • Provides higher biomechanical strength with nails and locking screws made of biocompatible titanium (Ti6Al4V).
  • Thanks to the locking screw positions close to the distal end, it allows the fixation of the most distal tibial fractures.
  • Multi-directional proximal and distal locking design provides high stability.
  • It has a compression end cup.



  • In fractures occurring from 4,5 cm distal to the proximal articular surface of the tibia,
  • In all tibial fractures up to 2,5 cm proximal to the distal articular surface,
  • In cases of malunion or nonunion,
  • In shortening osteotomies,
  • In tumor resections,
  • In cases of prophylactic nailing of pathological fractures can be used.



Proximal Diameter: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm

Body diameter options for Ø 10 mm proximal diameter: 8 mm | 9 mm | 10 mm

Body diameter options for Ø 11 mm proximal diameter: 11 mm

Body diameter options for Ø 12 mm proximal diameter: 12 mm

Length options: 280 mm | 300 mm | 320 mm | 340 mm | 360 mm | 380 mm | 400 mm | 420 mm | 440 mm

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