FIN 2- Femur Intramedullary Nail

FIN provides effective fixation in all femoral problems, except head fractures, because of its multi-plan locking system. It offers a solution with a single nail and guide system in antegrade and retrograde applications.

four keyholes proximally in multiple planes

easy locking option with radiolucent x-ray instrument

short nail retrograd application

2 different application techniques, antegrade and retrograde


  • It provides a single nail design that can be applied with antegrade and retrograde techniques for both right and left femurs.
  • The entry point of the nail is Piriformis Fossa.
  • It eliminates migration and translation with multiplanar stability proximal and distally.
  • Eliminate the need for external fixation and allows early interference.
  • It is adapted for reamed and unreamed applications.
  • The nail is cannulated and round.



  • In the detection of all problems in the femur, except the head,
  • In all open, closed, simple, comminuted, segmented fractures,
  • Femur neck fractures,
  • In trochanteric-subtrochanteric femur fractures,
  • Diaphyseal fractures,
  • In supracondylar fractures,
  • Condylar and intercondylar fractures,
  • In multiple region fractures,
  • In cases of poor or no union,
  • In shortening osteotomies,
  • In tumor resections can be used.



Proximal Diameter: 12 mm | 13 mm

Proximal part length: 8 cm

Body diameter options for Ø12 mm proximal: 8 mm | 9 mm

Body diameter options for Ø13 mm proximal: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm | 13 mm

Length options: 320 mm | 340 mm | 360 mm | 380 mm | 400 mm | 420 mm | 440 mm | 460 mm

For supracondylar fractures; The 150 mm long nail is available in 12 mm – 13 mm diameter options.

Surgical Technique