LC Mini Fragment Plates (2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm)

LC Mini Fragment Plate System consists of low profile plates and screws with different designs, compatible with the anatomical structure of the region, for fusion, osteotomy, and fracture fixation.

2.0 mm LC Mini Fragment Plates

2.4 mm LC Mini Fragment Plates

2.7 mm LC Mini Fragment Plates


  • Holes on the plates; It has a combined hole structure that allows locking and normal screws to be applied and also allows compression. (Excluding multi-track and X record)
  • Soft tissue damage in the area is minimized thanks to the low profile plate and screw structure.
  • Plates can be cut, bent, and shaped.
  • In the X-plate application, up to 4 mm of compression can be achieved through the compression clamp.



  • In foot and ankle surgery;
  • Fracture detection,
  • Osteotomy,
  • Arthrodesis,
  • Replantation,
  • It is used in reconstruction applications.



Screw diameter options: 2,0 mm | 2,4 mm | 2,7 mm

For detailed information, please review the LC Mini Trailer Record Catalogue.


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