Pilon-Articulating Pilon Fixator

Pilon Fixator has been developed for easy and fast applications in fractures and deformities of the ankle and ankle-joint region.

pılon fıxator

artıculatıng pılon fıxator


  • Schanz screws can be placed in the distal module, talus, and calcaneus. This module also allows controlled dorsiflexion and plantarflexion movement if needed.
  • There are two different types of Pilon Fixator: C-Clamp (Pylon Multi-Axis Fixator with Articulation) and Straight.
  • The distal part of the Pilon Fixator provides an angle of 100°.
  • The C-clamp provides clear visualization of the fracture site.
  • The distal part of the Articular Pilon Fixator provides 130° angulation.
  • It has a strong body structure made of titanium alloy, capable of compression and distraction.
  • Provides fixation in tibial pilon fractures and enables early joint movements.



It is used in the treatment of distal tibia and pilon fractures.



Length option for Pilon Fixator: 215 mm

Extension option for Pilon Fixator: 40 mm

Length option for Articular Pilon Fixator: 300 mm | 335 mm

Extension option for Articular Pilon Fixator: 55 mm


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