Radius Intramedullary Nail

RIN provides axial and rotational stabilization in the surgical treatment of adult radius fractures. Its use is advantageous for implantation with the closed technique, minimizing soft tissue damage and preserving extramedullary vascular support. It is the first radius intramedullary nail system developed to take advantage of the intramedullary fixation method.

Ø1 m parabola body design

distal part design with 15° anterior angle and tapered tip

rectangular and locked proximal part design with 10° anterior angle


  • It is solid and round in diameter.
  • Nail is used with the unreamed application technique.
  • It provides distal locking with its conical tip design.
  • Raidus Nail has a rectangular proximal part design with 3 cm and 10° anterior angle.
  • It has a distal part design of 3 cm and 15° anterior angle.
  • For Ø 2.7 mm locking screw, there is one 17° angled distal locking screw hole.
  • The same nail is used in the right and left applications.
  • It has a Ø1 m parabola body design.
  • There is no need for fluoroscopy for distal and proximal locking.




  • The region from 2 cm distal of the radius of the proximal joint surface to the proximal of the distal radio-ulnar joint;
    • In all radius fractures,
    • In cases of malunion or nonunion,
    • In Galeazzi fracture-dislocations,
    • Colles fractures,
    • In shortening osteotomies,
    • Indicated for use in tumor resections.



Body diameter options: 3 mm | 3,5 mm | 4 mm

Body length options: 18 cm | 19 cm | 20 cm | 21 cm | 22 cm | 23 cm | 25 cm

Length options: 180 mm | 190 mm | 200 mm | 210 mm | 220 mm | 230 mm | 250 mm

Surgical Technique