Trochanter Major Stabilization Plate

The Trochanter Major Stabilization Plate may be used in combination with the DHS Plate, possible secondary fracture effects and medialization of the femoral shaft can be prevented.

proximal part is malleable and cuttable

combine usage with lag screw


  • Risks such as varus angulation and limb shortening are prevented by fixation of the greater trochanter using locking screws.
  • Through stabilizing the greater trochanter, the amount of internal bleeding is reduced and the function of the gluteus medius muscle is regained.
  • While fewer pain complaints are reported in the postoperative period, it is ensured that the patients are mobilized earlier.
  • It can be combined with the lag screw, thanks to the screw hole designed for the DHS Lag Screw.
  • The proximal part can be bent and shaped according to need.
  • It has a 4.5 mm cortical screw hole for fixation from the DHS plate to the femur.
  • 2 screw-hole arms can be cut with a plate cutter in the proximal part.
  • It has a proximal screw hole with an anti-rotation feature for Cannulated Screw.
  • The second proximal hole functions as a window and allows pre-fixation of the DHS plate to the femur.



  • In multi-part, unstable A2 and A3 type fractures accompanied by a fracture of the greater trochanter,
  • Stable and unstable fractures of the proximal femur;
  • Intertrochanteric,
  • Subtrochanteric,
  • Pertrochanteric,
  • Basilar neck fractures.



Plate thickness: 2,5 mm

Plate width: 25 mm

Length options: 132 mm


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