UMEF Humerus-Forearm Rod-Pin Fixator

UMEF Rod-Pin Fixator is a system that has been developed to ensure the continuation of stabilization after the anatomical fracture position and allows the application of rigid osteosynthesis.


  • 8 mm carbon fiber rods and compatible clamps are used in the UMEF Humerus-Forearm set.
  • It is used in single or multi-plan applications according to the broken bone, the shape, and the indication of the fracture line.
  • Thanks to carbon fiber rods, it provides a good radiological evaluation for the postoperative and radiological follow-up of the fracture healing process.
  • After the configuration is created, independent movement is provided between the modules, allowing manipulations for fracture reduction.
  • The system consists of bars, clamps, and pins.
  • It has bar-bar clamps for connecting two bars and bar-pin clamps for connecting the bar and pin to the tool.
  • Bar-pin clamps can be used in single and double forms.
  • It provides the best stabilization by performing a rigid osteosynthesis application.
  • Allows 360° movement in all three planes.
  • Compression, distraction, and derotation are provided by using the “UMEF” pin to the bar fixator system.
  • Provides varus, valgus, flexion, and extension and eliminates translation.


  • Complex fractures,
  • Polytraumatized patients with fractures who have no indications for internal fixation methods,
  • Patients with fractures and head and chest trauma,
  • Pelvic fractures,
  • Fractures of the femur and tibia,
  • Pediatric fractures,
  • Arthrodesis,
  • Osteotomies,
  • It is used in cases of infected pseudoarthrosis.


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