Wrist Fusion Plate System

The Wrist Fusion Plate System consists of plates with locking technology for complete wrist fusions.


  • The same plate is used for right and left applications.
  • Standard Bend, Short Bend, and Straight Plate options are available, designed to suit various bone anatomy and defects.
  • The plate provides stability and compression advantage with its combi hole design.
  • Because of its locking technology, it enables angular stable fixation, especially in osteoporotic bone.
  • Fusion angle with 5° dorsiflexion provides optimum hand position.



  • In wrist arthrodesis,
  • Posttraumatic arthritis cases of the wrist joint,
  • Rheumatoid wrist deformities requiring correction operation,
  • Complicated loss of carpal stabilization,
  • Sequelae of wrist septic arthritis,
  • Severe and persistent wrist pain associated with movement and brachial plexus nerve palsies,
  • In tumor resections and surgical treatments of spastic deformities.



Plate thickness: 2,5 mm

Plate width: 8 mm

It offers 142 mm Standard Bend Plate, 130 mm Short Bend Plate, and 112 mm Straight Plate options.


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