Olecranon Plates

The Olecranon Plate is a plate system that provides proximal extension with multiple screw options, fixes the olecranon, and neutralizes the force of the triceps muscle.


  • The proximal part of the plate is slightly thinner than the shaft, providing optimum fit for patient comfort.
  • It is a pre-shaped plate that adapts anatomically to the olecranon.
  • The tabs on the plate shaft allow the plate to be shaped according to the bone anatomy.
  • For the 12-hole olecranon plate option, the right and left applications are anatomically designed.



It is used in complex extra-articular and intra-articular olecranon fractures, proximal ulna pseudoarthrosis, osteotomies, and simple olecranon fractures.



Plate thickness: 4 mm

Plate width: 12 mm

Length options: 91 mm | 111 mm | 151 mm

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