Cable Plates

The Cable Plate is a plate system that is fully compatible with the anatomy of the femur and used with cables and clamping blocks.

using with the calcar stem

hook cable plate

diaphyseal cable plate


  • Offers 3 different design options. Alternatives with straight, hook, and hook long designs are available.
  • Cable stabilization is achieved with clamping blocks through all screw holes.
  • Thanks to the locking screws, it ensures the protection of the periosteal blood flow.
  • Plates made of CrNi raw material are used with stainless steel (CrNi) cables. Titanium plates are used with both CrNi and CoCrMo cables.



It is used in hip and acetabular region fractures, prophylactically after total hip prosthesis application, trochanteric region fractures or fixation of the region following osteotomies.


For detailed information, please review the catalog.


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