Calcar Stem

Calcar Replacement Hip Prosthesis, to be used in cases with proximal femur bone, unstable fractures, and fracture nonunions; It is designed to be applied together with cables, wires, and sutures.

designed for using with cable


  • It is produced from CoCrMo raw material.
  • Calcar Stem offers cemented and cementless usage options.
  • The Calcar stem is sterile packed.
  • Provides rotational and axial stability and fits by the anatomy with its narrowing conical design.
  • It has holes that allow the use of cables, wires, and sutures for stable fixation.
  • Porous + hydroxyapatite (PC + HA) double coating options are available for cementless applications.



  • Bone loss in the proximal femur,
  • Unstable fractures,
  • Endoprosthesis,
  • Femoral osteotomy,
  • In cases where the fracture is nonunion.



Diameter options: 10 mm | 12 mm | 14 mm | 16 mm | 18 mm

Calcar stem length opsions: 25 mm | 35 mm | 45 mm

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