TST Arthrom Modular Hip Prosthesis can easily respond to unforeseen demands with body and stem options that can be selected independently of each other. It can be used safely even in cases where the trochanter is not intact.

84 different combination options

designed for using with cable


  • It is produced from Ti6Al4V Grade 23 raw material.
  • Arthrom Stem has a 135° neck angle design.
  • Offers porous (PC), Hydroxyapatite (HA), or double (PC+HA) coating stem options.
  • It has a distal design compatible with the anterior slope of the femur. Thanks to its anteriorly oriented curved design in the distal part, compression of the anterior cortex is avoided when using long femoral stems.
  • The star-shaped design of the stem provides anti-rotation and exact attachment to the bone.
  • Because of the holes in the body, it can be applied with the cable system.
  • It supports axial load transfer and rotational stabilization with its conical stem design.


  • Inflammatory degenerative joint diseases,
  • Treatment of proximal femoral trochanteric fractures with a nonunion, femoral neck fracture, and head involvement that cannot be managed with other techniques,
  • Endoprosthesis, femoral osteotomy or Girdlestone resection,
  • Hip fracture
  • In case of correction of deformity can be used.



TST Arthrom Modular Hip Prosthesis offers operators 84 different combination options.

Please, review the catalog for detailed size options.

Arthrom Catalog

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