DAF Femur-Tibia (Dynamic Multiaxial Fixator)

DAF Femur-Tibia (Dynamic Multiaxial Fixator) is a single-plan external fixation tool in telescopic body design, which is connected with Schanz holder clamps in the ball-joint structure.


135° Clamp

Duble Clamp

Hybrid Clamp allows using with Circular Fixator


  • Enables joint mobilization and postoperative reduction correction.
  • It has a unit that provides compression and distraction with axial loading.
  • Provides stability and early mobilization.
  • Thanks to its versatile design, it allows simple angular adjustments.
  • It provides the opportunity to connect two external fixators with the help of a Double Clamp.
  • Enables 30° movement in all planes.
  • A full rotation of the DC unit allows 2mm of the move.
  • Thanks to its T-Clamp design, 5 Schanz screws are sent horizontally to the metaphyseal region of the bone.
  • When the fixator body is positioned parallel to the femoral diaphysis, it allows the Schanz screws to be delivered to the femoral head.
  • It is used with 5 mm and 6 mm Schanz screws.



  • Treatment of long bones, joints, and periarticular fractures, pelvis fractures,
  • 135 Degree Clamp, in femur pertrochanteric fractures,
  • T-Clamp Femur and Tibia are used for distal femur fractures and valgus deformities, distal and proximal tibia fractures, varus deformity, and osteotomies.



DAF length options: 230 mm | 250 mm | 275 mm

DAF T Clamp length options: 193 mm | 215 mm | 240 mm

135° Clamp DAF length options: 225 mm | 245 mm | 270 mm

Please review the catalog for maximum extension options. 


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