Mini Plates Hand System (1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.3 mm)

TST Mini Plate Hand System is designed to provide every need in hand surgery, thanks to its 4 different thicknesses and 61 different anatomical plate designs.

multiaxial screw directions

free lag screw technique

malleable and cuttable options

1.5 Mini Plate (plate width 0.6 mm)

1.5 Locking Mini Plate (plate width 0.8 mm)

2.0 Mini Plate (plate width 1.0 mm)

2.0 Locking Mini Plate (plate width 1.0 mm)

2.3 Mini Plate (plate width 1.2 mm)

2.0 Locking Mini Plate (plate width 1.2 mm)


  • It has a design suitable for hand anatomy.
  • Plates are suitable for use by bending and cutting when required.
  • It can be used in all hand surgical operations, within its indications, with its locked and unlocked hole options.
  • Locking screws with a threaded head and spherical design have a variable angle locking feature of ±15° when applied over locked holes.
  • Thanks to the strong structure of the plates and the multiple screw positioning feature, the implant lengths are minimized; however, the angular fixation and anatomical reduction of the fracture increased.



Plates designed in accordance with all phalanx and metacarpal bone anatomy;

  • Complex intra-articular fractures,
  • Transverse and spiral fractures,
  • Shaft fractures,
  • Comminuted fractures and dislocated fractures,
  • It is used in a ligament, bone avulsions, DIP, and PIP arthrodesis.



Plate thickness options: 0,6 mm | 0,8 mm | 1,0 mm | 1,2 mm

Screw diameter options: 1,5 mm | 2,0 mm | 2,3 mm

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