Retrodesis® Nail

RETRODESIS® Nail is an intramedullary locking nail system that can provide stabilization in all planes because of its wedged design in its distal.

threaded distal hole design and wedge design that increases stability

Possibility of anterior-posterior and medial-lateral locking in the proximal part and proximal slot design

12° valgus angled solid nail


  • It is adapted for reamed and unreamed applications.
  • Nail has a solid design with a 12° valgus angle.
  • Because of the proximal slot design that allows stretching, it reduces stress focusing.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.
  • It provides rigidity because of the threaded design of the distal holes.
  • Static and dynamic proximal locking options are available.
  • It offers 2 locking hole options in proximal; anterior-posterior, and medial-lateral.



  • In avascular necrosis of the talus,
  • In unsuccessful total ankle arthroplasty,
  • In revision ankle arthrodesis,
  • In neuroatrophy,
  • In rheumatoid arthritis,
  • In osteoarthritis,
  • In pseudoarthrosis,
  • In post-traumatic arthrosis,
  • In tumor resections,
  • Indicated for use in Pantalar arthrodesis



Body diameter options: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm

Length options: 150 mm | 200 mm | 250 mm | 300 mm

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