Pelvic - Acetabulum Plates

Pelvis Acetabulum Plate & Screw Set is an internal fixation implant set that offers extensive solutions in the fixation of pelvic region fractures, is compatible with the anatomical structure of the region, is pre-shaped, has plate-screws of varying sizes and types, and consists of auxiliary application instruments.


  • Provides a variety with locking, symphysis pubis, straight, curved, quadrilateral curved, and J-shaped plate designs.
  • Compatible with the contours and curves of all pelvic surfaces.
  • High-strength specially manufactured implants are made of CrNi ISO 5832-1 / 1.4441 raw material.
  • They can be shaped in three dimensions according to preference.
  • Anatomical for right and left application.



  • Pelvis, acetabulum, sacrum and ilium fractures,
  • Symphysis pubis dehiscence and sacroiliac joint dislocations,
  • Pseudoarthrosis, nonunion, malunion and revision surgeries,
  • Osteotomy and pelvic arthrodesis,
  • It is used in total hip revision surgeries.



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