Tension Band System

The Tension Band System increases stability by reducing the pulling force on the fractured region. Tension Band applications allow early movement.


  • It provides compression in two ways, static and dynamic.
  • Double Holes U Pin Tension Band has two holes, one of which is round and the other is capable of dynamic compression.
  • Double Holes U Pin Tension Band can be bent and shaped when required.
  • Offers 2 different design options.
  • It is a plate-wire type implant with two locking holes with 1.5 mm or 2 mm hole diameter options and two-wire designs that can be shaped by bending.
  • It is made of stainless steel ISO 5832-1 / 1.4441 raw material.



  • Medial malleolar fractures,
  • Olecranon fractures,
  • Patella fractures,
  • Acromioclavicular dislocations or fracture-dislocations,
  • Tuberositas tibia rupture fractures,
  • Tuberculum majus rupture fractures,
  • It is used in anterior superior spinal iliaca (SIAS) rupture fractures.



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