Segmental Multiaxial Bone Transverse Fixator

Segmental Multiaxial Bone Transverse Fixator is an external fixation system developed following the structure of the femur anatomy.


  • Proximal and distal clamps can be angled multi-axis thanks to the ball-Joint.
  • Double Schanz screws can be used on top of each other in the same plane.
  • Ball-joint is compatible with the degree of the lateral femur with double row external clamps as well as a clamp capable of segmental transport in the diaphysis.
  • When the DC unit is fixed with the middle clamp 6 mm L-wrench, the fixator can be moved distally and proximally.



It is used for bone transfer in femur segmental fractures, deformities, damage with bone loss, and lengthening.


Fixator length options: 335 mm | 385 mm

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