MAMEF Fixator

MAMEF is an external fixation system that allows angular deformity corrections and segmental transport in other planes in addition to corrections in the axial axis.

  • Properties
    • Provides 360°, flexion-extension, and varus-valgus controlled rotation.
    • It provides a total of 60° clamp angulation, with 30° in each direction relative to the diaphysis.
    • Allows Schanz screws to be placed in all planes and unlimited configurations.
    • Trans-Angled Pin Fixation Bolts allow sending Schanz transversely and at 135° angle. Polyaxial Pin Fixation Bolts allow sending Schanz in different plans and can be combined.
    • It can be used as a hybrid with ring and bar fixators.
    • Thanks to MAMEF Arc and C-Ring modules, it provides advantages in the fixation of intra-articular and periarticular fractures in femur/tibia metaphyseal applications and the circular use of k-wire and Schanz screws in different planes in deformity correction.
    • It provides distraction and compression from 3 different points separately. It offers 1.5 mm of distraction or compression with one turn of the cycle.
    • The fixator is used with Schanz screws with diameters of 5 mm and 6 mm.


    • Lower extremity fracture detection,
    • Elimination of frontal, sagittal, and oblique plane deformities,
    • Elimination of shortness and length problems,
    • Pseudoarthrosis and malunion treatment,
    • Opening of joint contractures,
    • It is used in cases of elimination of congenital extremity deformities.


    Cancellous and cortical Schanz screw options are available in diameters of 5 mm and 6 mm, from 150 mm to 220 mm.

    8 different types of fixator and size options are available.

    For detailed information, please review the catalog.

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