Humerus Diaphysis Plates

Humerus Diaphyseal Plate provides advantages in osteopenic bone and multi-part fractures thanks to its fixed angle locking hole design. Humerus shaft plates are a plate system with compression features, suitable for bridging technique with its combined hole structure, and also have low contact surfaces.


  • Produced from Ti6AL4V ELI raw material.
  • The same plate is used for right and left applications.
  • It is used with 3,5 mm screws.



For internal fixation of humeral fractures in patients with osteopenic bone

  • Osteotomies, malunion and nonunion,
  • It is used in single, segmental and fragmental fractures.



Plate thickness: 3,5 mm

Plate width: 12 mm

Length options: 80 mm | 98 mm | 115 mm | 133 mm | 150 mm | 168 mm | 185 mm | 220 mm

Surgical Technique

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